Speculation Grows That The Matrix Will Return To Cinema Screens

Speculation Grows That The Matrix Will Return To Cinema Screens

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Despite no official confirmation or comment a growing number of people inside the film industry believe that Warner Bros are likely to turn to the Wachowski brothers to make a new series of films based on the 1999 blockbuster smash The Matrix. It is likely that any new film, or series of films, will be made as a “prequel”.

The original film, starring celebrated actors Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne, featured groundbreaking special effects and seemingly anticipated the connected, overly reliant on technology society in existence some 15 years after its release. Two sequels followed, but they are generally viewed as disappointments as they focused more on the philosophy of the original film rather than the frantic paced fight sequences. Despite their reputation for giving filmmakers a high level of artistic freedom if Warner Bros go ahead they are likely to insist the Wachowski brothers deliver more “fan friendly” films that the previous sequels.

Whereas the original films in The Matrix series had a fairly conclusive ending, hints were made throughout the three films that another “chosen one” existed before Neo (Keanu Reeves), the protagonist of the trilogy. Any new films are likely to then be prequels, although possibly not connected to the animated film The Animatrix, a movie that many saw as a prequel.

Warner Bros will be looking at their options for new films that bring them box office success. Over the next few years Disney will be releasing new Star Wars films, as well as further movies based on The Avengers comic book characters. Universal look set to continue with the Fast And The Furious series of movies, as well as making a new Jurassic Park movie. In order to compete at cinema theatres Warner Bros need to find a movie that can compete with those titles for the interest of movie lovers, and beyond Batman many would say that The Matrix is their best chance of getting success.

If more movies based in the world of The Matrix get the go ahead, it’s unlikely that they would be made and ready for release before 2016. Fans of the original will be hoping that if they do get made, they bear a closer resemblance to the first film than the sequels.

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