Largest Hurricane Ever Crashing Into Mexico With Winds Over 200 MPH

Largest Hurricane Ever Crashing Into Mexico With Winds Over 200 MPH

Hurricane Patricia is now a Category 5 storm and is the largest ever seen and recorded. It will make landfall in Mexico sometime on Friday.

The strongest hurricane ever seen and recorded is bearing down on Mexico. Hurricane Patricia is packing sustained winds of over 200 MPH and will crash into the coast of Mexico some time on Friday. Already tens of thousands of people on Mexico’s Pacific coast have been fleeing inland.

Hurricane experts declare that Hurricane Patricia will do untold amounts of damage with high winds and heavy, sustained winds, according to USA Today. The United States National Hurricane Center states that this Category 5 hurricane will cause great and wide devastation to much of Mexico. The National Hurricane Center said that it is, indeed, the largest and most ferocious hurricane ever recorded in the Pacific basin area.

There is expected to be unprecedented damage and destruction done as well as mass flooding and a huge storm surge. The strength gathered by Patricia, too, seems unprecedented. In just one day, Thursday, Patricia went from a tropical storm to a Category 4 Hurricane. Weather observers say that, on that one day alone, Hurricane Patricia increased her wind speed by 109 MPH.

Mexican authorities are warning their citizens that Patricia will be powerful enough to carry away vehicles and buildings that are not made from steel or concrete. This is not to say that a human being will be easily lifted into the air and thrown with winds over 200 MPH.

Emergency authorities are saying that frames houses and building will be carried away as will, likely, 100 percent of all roofs, trees, and power lines and poles. Mexican authorities say that it will take weeks, perhaps even months, to get the power restored to everyone after the storm has passed. Millions of Mexicans will be affected and evacuations will continue until Patricia makes landfall.

The United Nations World Meteorological Organization tweeted on Friday that Hurricane Patricia will be comparable to Typhoon Haiyan which slammed into the Philippines in 2013 and killed an estimated 7,300 people.