Masked Swordsman Murders Teacher and Student at a School in Sweden

A man wearing a mask and carrying a sword and possibly other bladed weapons strolled into a school in the southwestern part of Sweden on Thursday and murdered a school teacher and a student before being gunned down by the police. The Swedish citizenry is in despair and shock as such violence, especially criminal violence, is nearly unknown in the Scandinavian country. The … [Read more...]

Vatican City Denies Report That Pope Francis I is Suffering From a Brain Tumor

Authorities at Vatican City publicly announced on Wednesday that Pope Francis I, 78, is in excellent health and not suffering from any manner of illness at all. Recently, an Italian newspaper reported that the Catholic Christian pope had a small brain tumor. It, also, reported that the brain tumor was small and that it could be successfully treated. The Vatican felt it … [Read more...]

Assad Hurries to Moscow to Meet With Putin Over Continuation of Syrian Civil War

Syrian president-on-the-run, Bashar Assad, made a surprise visit to Moscow on Tuesday when he asked for an urgent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russians are Assad's biggest allies in the four year old Syrian civil war that Assad hopes to win to regain his power. In their meeting, the two leaders discussed the continuing civil war, according to The … [Read more...]

UN Secretary General Visits Jerusalem to Try and Diffuse Recent Violence

Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations, landed in Jerusalem on Tuesday in an effort to try and diffuse the recent spate of violence between Israel and the Palestinians. It will take all of Ban's considerable skill as a diplomat to try and reduce all of the random killing that has been going on over the past few weeks. Both sides continue a war on words and … [Read more...]