J P Nadda: Govt. would increase pictorial warning size on tobacco products

JP Nadda

Rebutting the controversial statements made by 2 BJP members that questioned the link between tobacco and cancer, Health Minister J P Nadda said there was a direct link and also added that the government will go ahead with its decision to increase the size of pictorial warnings, once the panel submits the report. Nadda also cited various studies, including Indian studies, to … [Read more...]

Turmeric may treat oral cancer: Research

cancer ribbon

The most common yellow spice in Indian catering - humble turmeric may help in treating oral cancers caused by HPV, claims a new study by researchers, including one of Indian-origin. One of the herb's key active ingredients - an antioxidant called curcumin - appears to have a quelling effect on the activity of human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is a virus that promotes the … [Read more...]

Woolly Mammoth de-extinction: scientists decipher genetic blueprint


After nearly four thousand years since the woolly mammoth vanished from the Earth, scientists have sequenced and analyzed 2 woolly mammoths’ complete high-quality genomes, and have deciphered the genetic blueprint which may likely offer a key to bringing it back. The study, published in the Cell Press journal Current Biology, also revealed the poignant story of the … [Read more...]

Researchers spot 11 runaway galaxies racing away at 6 million miles per hour

Mismatched Star Pair

11 runaway galaxies that have been flung out of their home clusters, were spotted by the researchers. The research is published in the journal Science. Runaway objects are generally objects that move faster than escape velocity as in the case of runaway star, the speed is nearly a million miles per hour. The speed of a runaway galaxy is even higher, at around 6 million miles … [Read more...]