Over 60% kids suffering from back bone problems due to heavy backpacks


Health experts have warned that over 60 per cent of schoolchildren in India are suffering from back bone and muscle problems, slouched postures and neck pain owing to the heavy backpacks they carry to school everyday. Researchers have also warned that there is an urgent need to tackle the issue as children under the age of 18 do not have too strong a spine to carry the … [Read more...]

Shah Rukh Khan can now enter Wankhede Stadium as MCA lifts ban

Shah rukh khan

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan will finally be able to enter the Wankhede Stadium after the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) lifted the ban it imposed on him three years ago. He was originally banned for five years. The Bollywood actor and owner of Indian Premier League (IPL) team Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) got himself banned from entering stadium in May 2012 after he … [Read more...]

Artificial membrane paves way for improved water purification, gas separation

Artificial Membrane header

An international team of researchers have developed a synthetic membrane, which they claim will not only pave way for improved water purification systems, but also help in better gas separation, drug delivery and DNA recognition. Made of lipids, and protein-appended molecules, the membrane is able to transfer water at the rate of natural membranes, and self-assembles into … [Read more...]

This peanut-shaped asteroid flew past Earth last weekend

1999 JD6

A peanut-shaped asteroid named 1999 JD6 flew past Earth at a distance of about 7.2 million km last weekend, according to NASA. Scientists at the US space agency were able to capture images of the contact binary -- an asteroid with two lobes that are stuck together -- that flew at a distance of about times the distance from Earth to the moon. NASA says that the asteroid will … [Read more...]

‘Dairy fat’ may help curb diabetes in humans, study on dolphins shows


In a rather surprising find, researchers have revealed that we can tackle diabetes by eating foods rich in heptadecanoic acid - a saturated fat present in butter and some fish. The findings are the result of a study led by the National Marine Mammal Foundation (NMMF) carried out on bottlenose dolphins. Researchers found that this species of marine animals has the ability to … [Read more...]