A 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake Leaves Over 200 Dead in Afghanistan and Pakistan

A 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake Leaves Over 200 Dead in Afghanistan and Pakistan

A devastating earthquake has leveled many areas in northern Afghanistan and Pakistan. The damage is widespread and their is over 200 dead already.

On Monday, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake rocked the northern parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan leaving over 200 dead so far. Devastation has been immense as it has caused human stampedes as well as severe landslides and massive structural damage all across the region.

Rescue teams continue to swarm in to the devastated areas and the exact destruction and death toll may not be known for days, according to The Washington Post. The quake was centered in the Hindu Kesh Mountains of northern Afghanistan. Much of the damage, as well as the dead, seem to be in Pakistan. The death toll there is over 160 and there have been reports of over one thousand people injured in the quake.

Authorities, as well as search and rescue crews, are working without communications as phone lines and cell towers have fallen victim to the quake. The travel at night is becoming dangerous as temperatures in the region are below thirty degrees and many of the roads are simply not passable. The fear of further landslides is heightened because of some extremely heavy rainfall in the region of late.

Pakistan, especially, has been plagued with rock and landslides since the quake. The epicenter of the earthquake is about 170 miles north of Kabul. While the Taliban controls much of the affected areas, rescue crews don’t believe that they will be a hindrance to their efforts. In Pakistan, estimates are well over 1,400 homes were destroyed.

Most people in that region of the world live in homes that are made from mud. They are not all that sturdy against the earthquakes that are prominent in that region. The Pakistan army has been pressed into rescue efforts. They were immediately called into action by their chief of staff who told them to begin rescue operations and to continue them until everyone has been helped or rescued.