Many Children Under the Age of Five are Using Mobile Devices


A small not-nationally representative sample of parents in the Philadelphia area has revealed that many young children under the age of five, have and are using tablets and smartphones, and most without adult supervision. The Director of the Center on Media and Child Health at Boston Children's Hospital, DR. Micheal Rich, “Based on my observations of families with whom I w … [Read more...]

Jem And The Holograms Does Horribly Opening Weekend

Jem And The Holograms is a movie based on the 8os cartoon and toy series of the same name. The movie opened this weekend on Friday, Oct 23.  Jem And The Holograms had the third worst opening weekend for a premier film. Not only that but it also has the worst opening weekend for a movie made by a major motion picture studio and with serious marketing power. The movie only … [Read more...]

A Young Man Goes Blind After Wearing Colored Contacts

Julian Hamlin is 23-years-old and is from Florence, South Carolina. He currently works as an administrative assistant and a receptionist. Hamlin went blind in his left eye after wearing color contacts that he purchased at a gas station. Hamlin told Buzzfeed that he bought the contacts for $15 without a prescription. Many teens in his area would buy these contacts that were … [Read more...]

Stargazer’s Delight as November Skies Light Up with Planets and Meteors


Amateur and professional astronomers will enjoy the night skies during November as three planets and a meteor shower are on the calendar for the next-to-last month of the year, along with the constellations Leo and Virgo gracing the heavens. An article posted on the says that the constellation Leo will be rising early in the month around one AM, and the … [Read more...]

Can Marriage Help Cure a Broken Heart?


Poets and singers have long connected the heart with love and marriage, and new research may have found a real connection.  A report on says Researchers form the University of Michigan found married patients fared significantly better that unmarried patients after serious cardiac surgery. The study revealed that heart patients that were not married or divorced … [Read more...]